2015 - 2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan

Objective 3: Promote Material Processing and End Use in Tennessee

In early 2017, the Division of Solid Waste Management’s Materials Management Program will provide an online platform for interaction and technical advice to facilitate the reuse/recycling of discarded materials from one industry to be used as feedstock by another.  While over 30 companies in Tennessee use recycled material as feedstock for their products, hundreds more from the automotive, food, furniture and building sectors have difficulty locating economic end-uses for their waste materials.

The Division of Solid Waste Management Materials Management Program, in cooperation with the Office of Sustainable Practices, is currently working with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry and several Tennessee industries that are serving as project champions.  If you would like to know more about this initiative please contact Vincent Leray or Vaughn Cassidy.

There will be many opportunities to be involved in the implementation of the Plan.  We value the input provided by all our stakeholders during this process. The best way to participate is to visit our website often and share your comments and areas of interest via our new 2025 Plan Public Participation form.