Bid Package Requirements

The technical staff of the State Revolving Fund Loan Program (SRF Loan Program) reviews the bid package to ensure that an engineer-stamped copy of the certified bid tabulation is provided, the successful contractor used the bid form from the state-approved Plans and Specifications, and the qualifications of the proposed resident inspector are acceptable. PRIOR TO AWARDING THE CONTRACT, the SRF Loan Recipient must prepare and submit a complete Bid Package to the SRF Loan Program for review and approval. Written approval of the Bid package must be obtained from the SRF Loan Program before the contract can be awarded and

A complete Bid Package consists of the following:

  • A copy of the advertisements for bids appearing in the Dodge Report and a local or major regional newspaper and an original, notarized certification of publication (Publisher's Affidavit) signed by the editor of the newspaper;
  • A certified bid tabulation stamped and signed by the consulting engineer reviewing the bids;
  • Copies of the signed Bid Proposal of the apparent successful bidder;
  • Bid Bond with Power of Attorney;
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Certification
  • A completed Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) Certification and Participation Summary documenting MBE/WBE subcontractor participation and documentation of "good faith efforts" to solicit MBE/WBE participation, even if no MBE/WBE subcontractor participation was secured. Good faith efforts must be demonstrated by copies of the Certified Letters mailed to State-certified MBE/WBE firms to solicit their participation and copies of returned mail receipts documenting delivery of the Certified Letters.;
  • A signed original Construction Contract Award Resolution made by the SRF loan recipient's governing body, or in the case of Utility Districts, a certified copy of the meeting minutes, on the U.D.'s letterhead, tentatively awarding the contract(s) to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder;
  • Documentation of the justification for not awarding to the lowest bidder if the award is to be made to other than the low bidder. The justification must indicate why the low bidder is not responsive or responsible and include documentation of any negotiations leading to the determination;
  • Resume of the resident inspector(s).
  • Documentation of the extension of the bid proposal and bid bond expiration dates, if necessary.

If the lowest bid received exceeds the amount budgeted for construction in the SRF Loan Program-approved SRF Loan Budget, the loan recipient must choose only from the following options:

  • Re-allocate SRF funds through a budget revision. A revised Budget/Rebudget Form must be submitted to the SRF Loan Program for review and approval if the rebudgeting option is chosen.
  • Provide additional funds needed to pay the contract from local funds or funding source(s) other than the SRF loan.
  • Apply for an SRF loan increase. Application for a loan increase will require reevaluation of the loan recipient's user rates to determine if the anticipated revenue will be sufficient to repay the requested loan increase and fund the additional depreciation.
  • Reject all bids and re-bid the project.