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Electric Vehicle Rebates

In September of 2010, the state of Tennessee announced that $2.5 million had been budgeted for the electric vehicle (EV) rebate program. A $2,500 rebate was available to the first 1,000 Tennessee residents that qualify for and participate in the EV Project and purchase either.

  1. any model of the Chevrolet Volt
  2. a Nissan LEAF S, SV, or SL model with DC Fast Charge capabilities.

Enrollment in the national EV Project closed January 31, 2013.

*Please note: the requirements and steps required to receive the rebate differed depending on which car a consumer purchased. See below for more information.

The $2,500 state rebate was in addition to a federal tax rebate of up to $7,500.

For more information select your model:

Chevrolet Volt      Nissan LEAF

The EV Project

The EV Project is the largest deployment of electric vehicles and charge infrastructure in history. Renewable energy company ECOtality was awarded two U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grants totaling $114.8 million to administer the Project. With partner matches, the total value of The EV Project is now approximately $230 million.

ECOtality is deploying approximately 14,000 chargers in 18 major cities and metropolitan areas located in the District of Columbia and six states: Tennessee, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Texas. Tennessee is the Project's largest overall geographic region with charging infrastructure being deployed in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville.

The primary goal of The EV Project is to collect, analyze and report on the use of electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them. This information includes data regarding the energy used, along with time and duration of charger use. No personal information is shared or included in the analyzed data.