TDEC Announces Kingsport as Latest Qualifying Local Program Participant

Wednesday, January 04, 2017 | 9:17am

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner Bob Martineau announced today the City of Kingsport as the latest participant in the Tennessee Qualifying Local Program (QLP). Now that the three-month provisional period has ended, Kingsport’s program has achieved full status to begin eliminating the duplicative efforts at the state and local level in the stormwater permitting process.

“We have seen much success with this program in improving water quality and simplifying the permitting process in jurisdictions such as Bristol and Washington Counties,” said Martineau. “We are excited to be working with the City of Kingsport in a supportive capacity to bring residents the highest quality service possible.”

The QLP is designed to build efficiencies in how construction stormwater permits are issued and improve water quality. The program allows a local Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) program to seek approval to become a QLP if they meet specific program criteria.

Some of the most significant benefits of a QLP include:  

  • A more streamlined and efficient process for managing construction stormwater by eliminating permit and review duplication at the local and state levels;
  • Eliminating additional effort at the state level for construction site operators by providing only one set of requirements to follow; and
  • A more effective construction stormwater program resulting in greater water quality protection.

“The City of Kingsport looks forward to entering the QLP,” said City Manager Jeff Fleming. “Having a one-stop shop for permitting construction sites will be advantageous to the development community and enhances our commitment to growth.” 

In order to achieve QLP status, an MS4 must demonstrate that its construction stormwater program meets or exceeds the provisions of the state’s Construction General Permit (CGP). Once an MS4 is selected to participate in the QLP program, construction activities receiving permit coverage from that program are authorized to discharge under the state’s CGP. The submittal of an application and related permit fee to the state is no longer needed, thereby avoiding duplication of the review and approval process at the state level.

For more information about TDEC’s Qualifying Local Program or to submit an application for participation, please visit Municipalities interested in the QLP program may also contact Robert Karesh at (615) 253-5402 or 

Additional information about Stormwater Construction General Permit requirements is available at