Active Drycleaners

Tennessee’s Law and Rules say all drycleaning operations must register with DCERP. Tennessee defines drycleaning as any cleaning of clothes or household fabrics that use one or more drycleaning solvents. The only drycleaners that are not required to register are coin-operated drycleaners, drycleaners owned or on a military base, commercial uniform services or linen supply facilities, and facilities owned by the state.

Type of Solvent


Light Solvent DF2000
Green Earth
Solvon K4
Dense Solvent Perchloroethylene (Perc, PCE, etc)
DrySolv (n-Propyl Bromide)

*Not all solvents are listed. Call DCERP at 615-741-2281 if you have questions.

You must register to operate a drycleaner  in Tennessee no matter what type of drycleaning solvent you use.

We separate solvent into two types: light and dense. Light solvents have a specific gravity of less than 1. Light solvents float on water the same way oil floats on water. Dense solvents have a specific gravity of more than 1. Dense solvents sink in water just like a rock would. If you are unsure about your solvent, please contact us.

You must also follow DCERP’s Best Management Practices. Best Management Practices (or BMPs) are rules to make sure solvent and waste is handled safely. Not following BMPs can mean you lose your ability to legally operate a TN drycleaner.

Drycleaners must submit their forms (CN-1063) and fees to DCERP by October 31st of every year. Upon receipt of a registration form and appropriate fee, we will review the form and let you know if there is anything missing. After verifying your information and payment has been made, we will issue a Certificate of Registration. Your certificate is only valid for the address printed on the certificate. For information on the current fees and forms you are required to submit, please visit the Current Fees and Forms page. You can always contact us for more information or ask questions about your specific situation.

It is illegal for drycleaning facilities or solvent suppliers to sell or transfer drycleaning solvent to an unregistered drycleaning facility. The list of currently registered drycleaning facilities is available, but it is up to you and the solvent supplier to verify registration with DCERP. All drycleaners should have a current registration certificate posted at the facility.

Quick Links for Active Drycleaners:

Annual Registration Form (CN-1063)

Quarterly Solvent Purchase Log

Currently Registered Drycleaners

Current Fees and Forms

Best Management Practices

For more information contact:

DCERP Administrator at 615-741-2281