Oak Ridge Reservation Clean-up

The Division of Remediation’s Oak Ridge Office provides oversight for all US Department of Energy (DOE) environmental protection and restoration activities at the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation. The reservation is on the EPA National Priority List of Superfund sites and is the focus of one of the largest environmental cleanup efforts in the US. Our office reviews all DOE remediation work and collects independent monitoring data on the air, water, soil and wildlife, both on and off the reservation. The office plays a vital role in protecting the public health and the natural resources of Roane and Anderson Counties, by ensuring that the remediation meets Tennessee and federal environmental standards.

The Oak Ridge Office works under the Tennessee Oversight Agreement (TOA) and the Federal Facility Agreement (FFA) to accomplish their duties. The TOA is a voluntary agreement originally entered into on May 13, 1991, between DOE and the State of Tennessee. It outlines DOE's technical and financial support for the office. The FFA is a tri-party agreement between the State, DOE and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The FFA allows collaboration and cooperation between the three groups to make the best decisions possible on the cleanup of the hazardous, radioactive and mixed wastes at the site.

Each year, our Oak Ridge staff develops an annual Environmental Monitoring Work Plan outlining our specific projects and goals for the calendar year, including any continuing and routine efforts from previous years, and also new areas of investigation. The Environmental Monitoring Report discusses the outcomes of this monitoring, sampling and testing we do each year. These reports, their supporting information and data, as well as previous years’ documents and other reports on special topics and completed projects, are available at the Oak Ridge Office during the regular business hours of 8:00 – 4:30 Eastern Time. Call one of our program managers,  Kristof Czartoryski  or Michael D. Higgins at (865) 481-0995 for more information or by email  (Kristof.Czartoryski@tn.gov or Michael.D.Higgins@tn.gov). 

We also complete an Annual Status Report to the public. This document recounts DOE activities in Oak Ridge and the extent to which these activities affect human health and the environment. The report outlines regulations that govern hazardous and radiological materials on the ORR, and it explains TDEC’s duties in monitoring and overseeing DOE activities. It also provides information on other TOA activities, including emergency response planning through the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and outreach through the Oak Ridge Regional Community Association (ORRCA). Copies of the report are available from the Remediation Oak Ridge Office at (865) 481-0995. A copy of the report is available for review at the DOE Reading Room (PD-01816), Information Resource Center, and public libraries located in Kingston, Oak Ridge, Clinton, Knoxville, Meigs County, Loudon County, Dayton, and Wartburg, Tennessee. Contact Deputy Director Chris Thompson in our office, at (865) 481-0995 or by email (Chris.P.Thompson@tn.gov), with questions or for more information on the Annual Status Report. Archived reports for at least the last 3 years are also available online on the ORR Reports page.

The U. S. Department of Energy provides an annual Remediation Effectiveness Report for the public, which is their assessment of efforts at the Reservation during the previous year.