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Operator Certification


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Tennessee offers 14 types of certificates. Each certified operator possesses certain experience requirements, has a high school education or equivalent, and has scored 70% or higher on an examination.

Each certificate is renewed annually. Completion of the required number of continuing education hours every three years is required to maintain certification.

Fleming Training Center recently awarded numerous certifications for water and/or wastewater treatment operators. Click here for a list of recently awarded certifications.

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Certification Resources

Exam Dates - May 7-8 & November 5-6, 2015
Application Deadlines - March 7 & September 5, 2015

Other Resources

Continuing Education Requirements

Rules Governing Water and Wastewater Operator Certification: Chapter 1200-5-3. These Rules and Regulations are made available from the Secretary of State's Office.

Seminars/Training Classes/Conferences

Web-based Activities/Computer-Based Activities/Correspondence Courses