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Permit Requirements  | Film Permits | Types of State Contracts

Permit/Contract Requirements

No permits are required to film within the borders of Tennessee except within state, county and city owned facilities including buildings, parks, roads and recreation areas.

Film Permits/Contracts

In general, the following circumstances require a city and/or county film permit accompanied with the required certificate of insurance:

  • A shoot which requires assistance either by the local city or county Police, Sheriff, Fire or Parks and Recreations Departments.
  • A shoot which requires the intermittent halting or impediment of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic or the closing of a lane or road.
  • A shoot, which occurs on any city, state, or county owned property.

Filming within Memphis and/or Shelby County - contact the Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Commission at (901) 527-8300.

Filming within the city of Nashville and/or Davidson County - contact the Nashville Mayor's Office of Film at (615) 862-6024.

Filming within the city of Knoxville and/or Knox County - contact the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce at (865) 637-4550.

Filming within the city of Chattanooga and/or Hamilton County - contact the Chattanooga/SE TN Film Commission at (423) 425-FILM.

Within state owned facilities including state buildings, roads, parks and recreation areas - contact the Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission at (877) 818-FILM.

When making a request to shoot on State Property please allow 2 weeks for paper work to be processed through the proper channels. All requests are approved or denied by the Departments Commissioner. Locations are not to be considered "nailed down" until the contract has been signed by governing parties. Any request submitted with less than two weeks notice will only be accepted at the discretion of the TFEMC.

Types of State Permits/Contracts

General Services: State owned facilities, i.e. Capitol Building, Central Service Building, William Snodgrass/TN Tower, Rachel Jackson, etc...

Environment & Conservation: includes all State run parks, natural areas & recreational facilities.

Corrections: former Tennessee State Prison

Agriculture: State owned Agricultural Centers

Transportation: State owned highways, interstates, bridges, rest areas, etc.

Permit for Flame, Explosions or Spark Emitting Devices:
Before using pyrotechnics while shooting in Tennessee, be sure to consult with the Fire Marshal in each county that you are shooting in to ensure you meet their requirements for above effects. Most counties will require that an inspector be present during your effects. There may or may not be a fee for this 'Fire Watch' dependong on the requirements of that county. Never use any of these effects without contacting them; regardless if it is in town or a remote country setting. In addition, be aware of Tennessee's Fireworks/Pyrotechnic/Flame Law (Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 4, Chapter 29, Section 68, Chapter 104). Pending conditions of the shoot; a State permit $50 per day may be needed, as well as a local State Shooter, working under a company with a State Exhibitors License. For further information consult with Department of Commerce and Insurance or a local State exhibitor (independent company) for further information.