Cooperative Education

The Information Systems Cooperative Education (Co-op) Student Program is a joint venture between the Strategic Technology Solutions (STS)  (previously OIR) and Nashville State Community College (NSCC). The Career Employment Center at Nashville State provides students to work for any agency that has a valid need of assistance.


The Information Systems Cooperative Education (Co-op) Student Program is a Win-Win situation for everyone. The Co-op student has an opportunity to be employed in his/her field of study and a chance to learn how the IT workplace operates. The student also gets to apply information learned in the classroom to real world situations. The Agency has an opportunity to have an educated and motivated worker. The Agency also has an opportunity to recruit the student for an open position when he/she graduates.

Simple Process

The process is very simple! The Agency must contact the Contract Administrator to request a Co-op student and set up the billing information. A list of candidates is then sent to the Agency so interviews can be conducted and a decision is made on who should be hired. The Register process is not used for Co-op students and no additional approvals are required. The student can begin work once the start date is determined.

Great Bargain

The Co-op Program is a Great Bargain. The student will be paid $13.00 per hour in the first semester, $14.00 per hour in the second semester and $15.00 per hour in the third semester. Co-op students are paid twice per month by NSCC and the State receives an invoice for the cost. The Agency is then billed for the cost through the OIR billing process each month.

Supervisor Responses

Participating supervisors were asked to rate active student participants of the Information Systems Co-op Student Program.

All participating supervisors answered yes when asked if they will continue to use the co-op as a source for technical talent and if they would recommend co-op resources to other department managers. To offer credibility, participating supervisors were solicited for the quotes that follow.

  • "Yes, our experience was quite positive. Our co-op student was able to perform mission-critical functions within the first week of hire. We are currently looking at hiring two more students, and are impressed with the quality produced by Nashville Tech." Diane Copeland - Finance and Administration
  • "I find that co-op students are eager to learn and willing to take on any assignment given to them. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is excited about learning." Marsha Sumner - Health
  • "The co-op program has been wonderful. We have three students that have been put right to work with minimal supervision. One has completed checking our PC's for Y2K compliance. The other two are attaching NT workstations to our LAN. The work that we are receiving for the cost is a bargain." Bill Beecroft.


For additional information, please contact the Contract Administrator listed below:

Savita Boutot
901 5th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-2709
Fax: (615) 253-1433