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  • You may report TennCare Fraud or Abuse by either of the following methods:

    * Only tips submitted through the Fraud hotline are eligible for a reward.

  • Tennessee Code Annotated 8-19-501 states:

    Reporting unlawful or unauthorized taking or abuse of public money, property or services -- Method of making reports.

    (a) Any official of any agency of the state having knowledge that a theft, forgery, credit card fraud, or any other act of unlawful or unauthorized taking, or abuse of, public money, property, or services, or other shortages of public funds has occurred shall report the information immediately to the office of the comptroller of the treasury.

    (b) The comptroller of the treasury shall have the power to prescribe the method of making the reports.

    HISTORY: Acts 1963, ch. 88, § 1; T.C.A., § 8-1954; Acts 2010, ch. 784, § 4.

    Finance and Administration employees should immediately notify the Office of Internal Audit if they are aware of any fraud, waste, or abuse by F & A employees, vendors, or contractors. Internal Audit will then act as the central contact with the Comptroller´s Office.

    How to Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

    If you would like to report fraud, waste, or abuse by Finance & Administration employees, vendors, or contractors, call the Office of Internal Audit at (615) 532-7098, or email us at, or contact the Comptroller´s Office

  • You can report insurance fraud or abuse using this form.