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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who do Local Governments contact if they cannot find a contract or if the contract has missing information?

The point of contact associated with the contract can be found in the “Contract Details” section at the top of the page along with his/her email address.

2) How do I get the “Contract Documents” to open?

Depending on your computer, you can right click on the folder and click on “open link” or if that does not work on your computer try holding the “Ctrl” key down when you double click on the folder.

3) How do I report a problem I am having with a Vendor?

The process for filing a complaint can be found here.

4) Questions regarding Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise: Click Here

5) How do I register as a bidder with the State of Tennessee?

To register as a bidder, you need to use the Supplier Portal of the State’s Edison procurement system. This document will guide you through the steps to become a sourcing bidder/vendor.

6) Where do I find the contract models for professional services?

These are located within the CPO Contracting Manual, which can be found on the Contracts Review page of our internet site and the Professional Services link on our intranet site.

7) Once I am a registered bidder, how do I bid?

Bidders must go through Edison in order to bid on a contract, which is detailed in this manual.

8) Does the State of Tennessee use green or recycled product contracts?

Yes. The Green Purchasing page has a listing of these contracts.

9) Edison Terms and Defintions