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Green / Recycled Contract Items

SWC No.:101 Title: Air Conditioners, Heat Pump Units & Electric Heat Units

SWC No.140 Title: Projectors

SWC No.:154 Title: Washers/Dryers

SWC No.:217 Title: Hybrid Vehicles

SWC No.:235 Title: WSCA CO-OP, INDUSTRIAL Grainger Energy Efficient Products

SWC No.:243 Title: Alternate Fuel Vehicles

SWC No.:305 Title: Desktop Computers

SWC No.:316 Title: Office Supplies

SWC No.:340 Title: Boxes/Cartons & Stretch Film

SWC No.:351 Title: Business Cards

SWC No.:352 Title: Envelopes

SWC No.:354 Title: Paper Items, Printing Duplicate

SWC No.:355 Title: Continuous Stock Forms

SWC No.:357 Title: Snap Out Forms

SWC No.:361 Title: Bags, Sacks and Trash Can Liners

SWC No.:371 Title: Paper, Wrap/Aluminum Foil

SWC No.:372 Title: Paper Products, Sanitary

SWC No.:392 Title: Paper Products/Multi Truckload

SWC No.:404 Title: Copy Machines Rental & Supplies

SWC No.:405 Title: Data Processing Supplies

SWC No.:408 Title: Facsimile Machine and Paper

SWC No.:436 Title: Lamps, Recycling

SWC No.:523 Title: Liquid Soap

SWC No.:3005 Title: Notebook Computers

SWC No.:3010 Title: Printers and Related Peripherals

General Procurement Information: 615-741-1035