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State of Tennessee


Tennessee Code Annotated is published at:

Statutory, constitutional, and case law texts relevant to professional service contracting are referenced below (with hyperlinks to the text).

Public Chapter 295

Procurement Reform Law

TCA  9-4-5113

Certification of Funds

TCA  10-7-504

Confidential Records (proposals)

TCA  12-3-106

Conflict of interest

TCA  12-4-109

Contracts for state services

TCA  8-42-101

Defense of State Employees (defines state employee)

TCA  8-6-106

Employment of Additional Legal Counsel

TCA  4-21-401
& TCA 4-21-405

Employment-Related Discrimination
& Religious Groups Exemption

TCA  12-4-110

Execution [contract] - Exceptions

TCA  12-4-119

Limitation of Contractor Liability

State Constitution, Article II, Section 31

Loan of State's Credit Prohibited

Malone V. Peay
(S.Ct. 1928)

Loan of State's Credit

TCA  9-4-604

Payments to Debtor of State

TCA  12-4-701

Prompt Pay Act

TCA  11-3-112

State Parks Exemption from Oversight

TCA  12-3-105

Unauthorized Contracts (personal liability of officers)

TCA  58-7-104(b)(3)

Veterans' Homes Board Contracts