Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Last updated -  October  30, 2017


SBC Project#




ESC #17-02-002-01 Department of General Services RFP Re-Release - Real Estate Auction Services 

+/-46.82 acres of land near the intersection of Wilhagan Road and Murfreesboro Park (Parcel ID 10600007500)

RFP and Pro Forma Contract
529/000-10-2017 Department of General Services Statewide Premise Cabling, Equipment Installation, and Configuration Services

RFP and Pro Forma Contract

Pre-Response Conference Sign-In Sheet

Amdt One - Rev Contract Attachment 

Revised Cost Proposal 10/13/17

Amdt Two - Questions/Responses

Amdt Three - 2nd set Questions/Responses

Amdt Four - Rev Schedule

Amdt Five - Rev Schedule