MCH Block Grant Basics

MCH Block Grant Basics

Each year in July, Tennessee submits the annual MCH Block Grant Report/Application to MCHB.  The report/application describes activities completed in the past and current year and outlines activities planned for the coming year.

Every five years, the Department conducts a comprehensive needs assessment to determine gaps in health status and health system capacity in serving the MCH population. The “Five-Year Needs Assessment” includes research and identification of priorities for the statewide Title V programs to address over the subsequent five-year period.

The assessment includes analysis of public health and other data, surveys of state and local stakeholders and assessment of the state’s system to deliver interventions and programs most effective for the priorities. State performance measures are the indicators used to monitor Title V program progress.

There are strict requirements concerning how funds are spent.

  • At least thirty percent (30%) must be used for preventive and primary care services for children
  • At least thirty percent (30%) must be spent for services for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN). Funds are to be spent on:
    • Services described as "family-centered, community-based, coordinated care (including care coordination services) and
    • To facilitate the development of community-based systems of services for such children and their families
  • Not more than ten percent (10%) may be used for administering the funds paid under this section.
  • Funding is also to be spent on preventive and primary care services for pregnant women, mothers and infants up to age one. However, there are no requirements regarding percentage to be spent.