Weakley County Health Department Warns of Scam Attempt

Friday, November 03, 2017 | 9:56am

Local Residents May be Targeted through Social Media

DRESDEN – The Weakley County Health Department has been notified by a local resident of a potential scam in which people are told they have won money from the health department.

The scam reportedly involves an individual who is notifying potential victims through Facebook to tell them they have won money from the Weakley County Health Department. The scam artist is requesting personal information from those contacted.

The health department is not awarding money in this manner and is not notifying people of any such awards via Facebook or any other means. The health department does not request personal information to be shared via social media and warns everyone not to share any personal information on social media platforms.

The Weakley County Health Department has notified local law enforcement about this matter. Anyone who receives a message stating he or she has won money from the health department and/or asking for personal information is urged to contact Stephen Howell at the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department at 731-364-2270.