The Gold Sneaker Initiative

gold sneaker initiative banner image of children playing

gold sneaker initiative shoe logogold sneaker initiative shoe logoThe Gold Sneaker Initiative was developed to enhance policy related to health and wellness within licensed child care facilities across Tennessee.



Gold Sneaker Documentation

Programs desiring “Gold Sneaker” designation will provide to the Department of Health the following documentation annually:

  • A copy of the program’s policies clearly stating Gold Sneaker policies 1.1-1.9.
  • A copy of the feeding plan form in use by the program demonstrating compliance with Gold Sneaker policy 1.5.
  • Documentation that the director (if center-based program) and teaching staff have completed Gold Sneaker training. If the program is a family or group child care program, the provider must provide documentation of completion of training.
  • Information on training for the Gold Sneaker initiative is available at Tennessee Child Care Online Training System (TCCOTS). In person training may be available, but is limited.

Recognition as a Gold Sneaker facility will include:

  • A certificate of achievement signed by the Governor.
  • Two Gold Sneaker stickers which can be placed on entrance(s) to the facility or used in promotional activities for the facility
  • Access to an electronic Gold Sneaker logo to be used in materials produced by the facility
  • Recognition on the following Web sites: Department of Health and the Gold Sneaker Web sites

How to sign up

  • Contact Yvette Mack at Tennessee Department of Health - 615-741-0315 -