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The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is 100% federally-funded through a grant from the Federal Department of Energy. The program provides funds to the states to assist with the weatherization of the homes of low income elderly and disabled adults and families. WAP services are available in all 95 counties. The program is administered through contracts with an established network of 18 non-profit agencies and local governments experienced in providing weatherization services.

Application Process
Applicants must meet low-income eligibility guidelines based on established federal poverty guidelines. To apply for assistance, a completed application along with all necessary verifications must be submitted to the designated WAP agency in your area. Weatherization measures can include: insulation, storm windows, caulking, and other related activities to reduce home energy costs and increase home energy efficiency. For more information or further assistance with application process, please contact your local WAP agency.

Please click here for the local agency serving your County.

Please click here for a Weatherization Assistance Program application.

Auditors and Contractors
If you are interested in working in the Weatherization program as an Energy Auditor or Weatherization contractor, please contact the local WAP agency serving your County to obtain employment requirements, or click here.