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Food Stamp Program - Nutrition Information

  • Customer services are enhanced through the provision of nutrition education focused on economical purchase and preparation of nutritious foods. Health-related diets, personal cleanliness and other similar topics are presented to current and potential food stamp participants. Community volunteers such as teachers, child care providers, school food service providers, Food Stamp Program participants and others are trained and provided curricula by staff contracted from the Extension Service of two State universities. These volunteers or coalition members then conduct classroom instruction and demonstrations related to nutrition knowledge and skills. In addition, the media and nutrition publications aid in providing awareness.

    To support the goal of eliminating hunger, access to the program is encouraged through public education (outreach) efforts. Information regarding the availability of food stamps, the eligibility criteria and application process is delivered by agencies under contract with DHS to potentially eligible individuals and families through presentations, media announcements and distribution of brochures and flyers.

    For proper nutrition vital for good growth and development, see the My Plate.

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