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Child Care Scholarship Program

Tiffany G.

I can't thank you all enough for the help I've received with my child care. Child support has always been very sporadic and limited in my household and many days, I didn't know how I was going to pay child care. I felt I had to choose, paying child care over buying groceries. Over the past year, you have definitely helped ease that burden. I appreciate you so much for helping us out. ~ Tiffany G.

Beth W. and her sonThis program has helped my family tremendously! I have been able to leave my baby in a center that provides a safe and enriching environment for him. The scholarship has allowed me to afford the necessities to have a healthy and happy baby boy. Thank you so much! ~ Beth W.





Torsheka's sonI just wanted to let you know that the Childcare Scholarship has helped me tremendously. I lost my job about nine months ago. I am now enrolled and working on a degree in computer programming. Without the help that your office has given me it wouldn't have been possible . ~ Torsheka S.





Kristina W.I felt so fortunate when I learned there was assistance available to help me meet my budget needs. ~ Kristina W.






Lilly C.We were thrilled to discover we qualified for Recovery Child Care Scholarship Program, where we saved $136 a month in daycare costs, and while we are sad to see the program end in September, we are truly thankful for the help we have received this past year. ~ Dana C.


Mother and daughter

Hello! My name is Aleshia P. and I am a single working mother of a 2 1/2 year old little girl, Ava. I work at a local hospital in Kingsport, TN where I am a secretary. Before the scholarship program the ideal of me going back to school was not feasible because of Ava's $360.00 a month day care bill, but since the scholarship program I have successfully completed 2 semesters of nursing school. However, I was unable to go back to school this fall because the scholarship program is soon coming to an end and all the time I spent at school and studying will now have to be spent working all the overtime I can get my hands on to make ends meet and to continue to pay for her day care. I have no family around and I truly am a single mother in every aspect. I hate to hear that the scholarship program is coming to an end due to insufficient funding because if it was not for the program I would have never imagined going back to school. I am very very grateful for the scholarship program and I understand to financing of it, I just wish there were more "guidelines" in place for the program so that maybe there wouldn't be insufficient funding. For example, at Ava's old day care there are several children who's parents do not work and to be honest their home environment was questionable. If a single parent does not work, then what is the need for day care? Then when a single parent like myself utilizes the program like it is intended it gets discontinued due to insufficient funding. That's the way it works though, I suppose. But like I said, I am eternally grateful for the program for everything it has helped me accomplish. I hope to see another program come into effect to help the single working parents out there. Thank you! ~ Aleshia P.

I am a full-time working single mom. I had to cut back on some things that were really needed in order to pay child care costs. I was so thankful when I was noticed that my portion of the weekly fee would be cut in half. I am glad that these funds were availed to the working parents who do not qualify for other is my prayer that more funds will be available next school year. ~ Kay C.

I run a small child care program and  we have been able to enroll many children due to the Child Care Scholarship Program..This program has been a blessing to our center and our parents. ~ Crystal S.

Someone finally thinks about the middle class for a change!!  Please keep this program going, this really helps my family survive. ~ Angel G.

This is one of the few programs that I know of that actually helps those of us who have jobs and are trying to work to provide for our families. ~ Joanna F.

All I can say is thank you thank you to everyone that touched my application to process it through. ~ Latarshar W.

We have now been on this Recovery Program for 5 months and it has helped our financial situation tremendously.  I have no idea how we would have managed to support our family efficiently if we didn't receive this assistance. ~ Tiffany H.

*Note: Comments have been edited for clarity and brevity.

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