Vocational Rehabilitation Letter of Agreement (LOA)

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2016 Vocational Rehabilitation Letter of Agreement (LOA)

2016 Approval List  (List updated on 1/24/2017)

Dear Colleague Letter/Schedule of Vendor Forums

2016 LOA Timeline


LOA Program Staff Contact Information
List of 2016 Staff Information
LOA Application – New Applicants
LOA Application – Renewals
LOA Document - Required
General LOA - Updated
LOA Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Forms and Reports – Coming Soon

2015 Vocational Rehabilitation Letter of Agreement (LOA)

2015 LOA Approval List

LOA Document

Vocational Assessment (video player)
Vocational Assessment Attachment

Vocational Adjustment (video player)
Vocational Adjustment Attachment

Trial Work Experience (video player)
Trial Work Experience Attachment

Job Placement/Readiness (video player)
Job Placement/Readiness Attachment

Supported Employment (video player)
Supported Employment Attachment
Supported Employment User Guide
Supported Employment Flowchart

Special Services (video player)
Special Services Attachment

LOA Application Form-New Vendors

Training Acknowledgement Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Individualized Written Adjustment Plan

2015 LOA Forms

Extended Support Plan - 2015
Intensive Job Services Request Form - 2015
SE Client Monthly Report - 2015
SE Consultation Services Plan Report - 2015
SE Hire Report - 2015
SE Ongoing Support Report - 2015
Supported Employment Program Report - 2015
CRP Referral Form - 2015
Integrated Work Site Assessment Form - 2015
Integrated Worksite Assessment Summary Report - 2015
Job Placement Activity Plan - 2015
Job Placement Program Report - 2015
Job Placement Quick Reference Sheet - 2015
Job Placement Report 2015
Job Readiness Report -2015
REDI Program Report - 2015
Special Services Program Report - 2015
Summary of SE Reporting Forms
Trial Work Program Report - 2015
Trial Work Report Form - 2015
Vocational Assessment Program Report - 2015
Vocational Adjustment Program Report - 2015
Vocational Adjustment Progress Report - 2015
Vocational Assessment Quick Reference Chart - 2015
Work Readiness Assessment Form - 2015