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Records That May Be Released

TCA 50-7-701 requires that information obtained from claimants and employers be kept confidential with these exceptions:

1. To public employees in the performance of public duties


  • The Agency will accept a subpoena and will forward it to our Legal Section, 220 French Landing Drive, Nashville TN 37243-0661 (FAX 615-532-7386).
  • We will require identification and will record the badge number with any subpoena or signed Record of Claims Material Released, LB 0753, our Agency release form.
  • We have instructed our local office staff to telephone the Legal Section at 615-741-3170 if they are unsure of the officer’s credentials or if they have questions.
  • We will request the officer’s signature on our Agency release form before providing automated system data.


  • To a government official with an urgent in need for immediate information, we can provide automated system data.
  • We will require identification and we will request the official’s signature on our Agency release form.
  • If the need for information is not urgent, we will direct the government official to write to the address below and arrange for a contract to be negotiated and/or honored:

TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development (TLWD)
Unemployment Insurance
Special Services
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville TN 37245-2600 (Requests must be signed but may be faxed to 615-253-4649)

We have contracts to provide information to the following governmental agencies:

Human Services Social Security Administration U.S. Dept of Justice TN Student Assistance Corp
TVA Farmers Home TBI Certain Other Housing Authorities

We do not release information to apartment owners/managers.

2. To parties as necessary for presentation of a claim
  • We can release information to an adversely affected party who is requesting it to pursue appealing a claim.
  • We will require identification and will require a signature on our Agency release form.
  • We can release information to either party if an appeal has already been filed. Your request should be directed to: AppealsTribunal, Division of Employment Security, Nashville, TN 37245-0600.

3. To anyone if the information was introduced before the Appeals Tribunal or Board of Review

  • We can release information to anyone who requests such for the furtherance of a UI claim. (No fee)
  • If the information is requested for some other purpose such as a separate court case, there is a charge of $25. Such requests should be directed to Special Services at the address above.


Written requests on agency letterhead must clearly outline the purpose of the request and how the information will be used.

If authorized, the agency must agree to keep the material confidential, secure, for use only as stated and destroy after use.

The agency must reimburse this Agency $7.00 per individual computer data and $25 per filmed wage report or claims record.

We can release information to a governmental agency without charge for a single, isolated request.


To a claimant, we can release their individual automated claim and payment history and/or work application at no charge.

We will require identification and will require a signature on our Agency release form.