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Program and Policy Divisions and Offices of TDMHSAS

  • Division of Substance Abuse Services
    The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, serves as the single state authority for receiving and administering federal block grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. State funding for alcohol and drug abuse services is also administered by the division.
  • Division of Clinical Leadership
    The Division of Clinical Leadership is responsible for providing clinical oversight and policy development for the regional mental health institutes (RMHI’s) and provides clinical consultation to various divisions of the department and other mental health agencies.
  • Division of Planning, Research & Forensics
    The Division of Planning, Research & Forensics oversees and coordinates general mental health policy development and implementation throughout the department and for service areas. The responsibility for the development of public mental health policy is accomplished through staff assigned to the various stages of development.
  • Division of Mental Health Services
    The Division of Mental Health Services helps devise and implement services for special populations in Tennessee, including Children, and others.
  • Office of Recovery Services
    The Office of Recovery Services, in the Division of Mental Health Services, oversees support, employment/education, transportation and housing/homeless services, promoting recovery for persons diagnosed with mental illness and co-occurring disorders.
  • Office of Consumer Affairs and Peer Support Services
    The Office of Consumer Affairs and Peer Support Services, in the Division of Mental Health Services, helps promote the interests of TDMHSAS service recipients through training, promotion and advocacy by assisting with access to service and supports. The office has developed a program for Peer Specialist training and certification.
  • Division of Hospital Services
    The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services operates four (4) Regional Mental Health Institutes (RMHIs) which provide in-patient psychiatric services for adults. Most RMHI admissions are on an emergency involuntary basis. The RMHIs provide psychiatric services based upon the demonstrated and emerging best practices of each clinical discipline, and are fully accredited, certified and licensed.

  • Office of Communications
    The Office of Communications assists media organizations with inquiries and research-related questions and coordinates statewide overcoming stigma efforts. The office is also responsible for the authorization, design and printing of all department publications, manages the Web site, and monitors Web mail for media and consumer inquiries.
  • Division of General Counsel
    The Division of General Counsel provides representation, advice and assistance to the Commissioner's Office, the departmental divisions and the regional mental health institutes in legal and administrative proceedings, and oversees HIPAA compliance and policy development. The Office of Licensure and Review is now under the Office of General Counsel.

  • Office of Licensure
    The Office of Licensure is responsible for protecting Tennesseans who need mental health, developmental disability, alcohol and drug abuse, and personal support services by applying the department's licensure rules.

  • Division of Administrative Services
    The Division of Administrative Services oversees a broad range of administrative functions for the Department. Those services include oversight for the budget, fiscal services and monitoring, information technology, construction and engineering, and property management for the Department.

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