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Division of Clinical Leadership

Office of Chief Pharmacist/State Opioid Treatment Authority

Tennessee Interdisciplinary Health Policy Program General Information

Along with the University of Tennessee, DCL sponsors TIHPP or student rotations within state government. Law, medical, and pharmacy students from accredited state programs who have a special interest in an interdisciplinary team approach to improving the public arena of Tennessee health care are qualified to participate in this program. Student rotations are available through the Tennessee Department of Health, Board of Licensure, the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (Medicaid/TennCare Fraud Control Unit and the Drug Investigation Unit), the Tennessee Department of Children Services (with an emphasis on the Juvenile Justice System), and the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Goals for students participating in TIHPP include:

  • Understanding the importance and effectiveness of an interdisciplinary approach (law, medicine, and pharmacy) in resolving issues in a dynamic health care system
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills to understand the basics of a managed care system, including its formation, structure, regulation, function, strengths and weaknesses
  • Acquiring knowledge about the structure, daily functions and regulatory activities of the various professional boards
  • Understanding the legal aspects of public health care from both the prosecution and defense perspectives
  • Understanding health care policy and regulations as they exist interdependently and collaboratively between and among state agencies
  • Designing and completing a research project using the information gained during the rotation in connection with research and statistical data available in state databanks and from academic education

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Managed Care Residency Program Brochure

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