Tennessee Recieves $16.9 Million in Public Safety Grants

Thursday, June 05, 2008 | 4:00am


NASHVILLE – Today Governor Phil Bredesen announced the release of $16,946,107 in Public Safety Interoperability Communications (PSIC) grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. These six PSIC projects will help state and local first responders by improving emergency communications and coordination during a natural or man-made disaster.
“Good communications is vital to successfully responding to any disaster,” said Governor Bredesen. “We will continue to build on the capabilities we have developed in Tennessee, including projects like the ones to be funded by these grants, that can help us save lives.”
The PSIC grant program is designed to assist public safety agencies in the acquisition, deployment, or training in the use of interoperable communications systems for emergency responders. Under the PSIC program, Tennessee will receive a 5-to-1 match in federal dollars.
The PSIC projects approved for Tennessee include:
• Tennessee Valley Regional 700/800 MHz System, $14 million
• Linked Emergency Telecommunications System, $412,007
• Strategic Technology Reserve, $1,358,500
• Obion County, Hand-held radios for first responders, $285,600
• Department of Correction P25 Master Switch, $275,000
• Portable Towers and Cache, $615,000
The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency applied for the PSIC grants in December 2007. Governor Bredesen’s Public Safety Wireless Interoperable Communications Advisory Board (WiCAB), which also advocated for these grants, is developing plans to improve emergency communications in Tennessee.
“It is critical that emergency responders have the tools to communicate,” said TEMA Director James Bassham. “The ability to coordinate an effective emergency response depends on a reliable, interoperable communication system at all levels of government.”
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Tennessee Emergency Management Agency