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The Plan

FY 2015-2016

The revenues necessary to finance state government are collected from a variety of sources. The primary source of funding for state expenditures is appropriation from general revenues. General revenues are proceeds from taxes, licenses, fees, fines, forfeitures, and other imposts laid specifically by law.

FY 2014-2015

Education Education includes Education, Higher Education

Cities & Counties Cities & Counties includes funds distributed to city and county governments across the state">

Law, Safety, & Correction Law, Safety, & Correction includes Attorney General, Board of Parole, Correction, Court System, District Attorneys General, District Public Defenders, Military, Post-Conviction Defender Commission, Safety, Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Rehabilitation Initiative in Correction

Business, Economic Development Business & Economic Development includes Agriculture, Economic and Community Development, Tennessee Housing Development Agency, Tourist Development

Resources Resources & Regulation includes Commerce and Insurance, Environment and Conservation, Financial Institutions, Labor and Workforce Development, Tennessee Arts Commission, Tennessee State Museum, Wildlife Resources Agency

Transportation Transportation includes Transportation

General Government General Government includes the Advisory Commission -Intergovernmental Relations, Capital Improvements, Claims and Compensation, Comptroller of the Treasury, Department of State, Executive Department, Finance and Administration, General Services, Human Resources, Legislative, Revenue, Tennessee Department of Treasury, Tennessee Human Rights Commission, Tennessee Regulatory Authority, Veteran's Affairs

Health & Social Services Health & Social Services includes the Bureau of TennCare, Children´s Services, Commission on Aging and Disability, Commission on Children and Youth, Health, Health Services and Development Agency, Human Services, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Where Each State Government Dollar Comes From

Where the Tax Dollars Comes From

How Each State Government Dollar is Spent

Where the Tax Dollars Go

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The Actual

Searchable Checkbook

In an ongoing effort to be more accountable and transparent to Tennessee taxpayers, this searchable checkbook website provides expenditure details about how Tennessee State Government dollars are spent. The checkbook includes data collected since August 2011, when the State´s new centralized accounting system began.

Please note the data presented here is unaudited and should be used for information purposes only.

Available Information

All state expenditures generated through the state´s centralized accounting system are included in this searchable checkbook. They are presented in two ways, either at the detail level (Annual Payments by Agency) or summary level (Protected Annual Payments Summarized by Program). This includes state payments to cities, counties, university systems, vendors, clients and state employees. Certain expenditure details have been summarized instead of itemized due to protections provided by federal law, Tennessee law, or privacy provisions. Those exclusions are not posted online as part of the vendor payment reports. The summarized payments have been included by type of service paid and are located at Protected Annual Payments Summarized by Program.

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