Plates in this category:

  • are available to all Tennessee residents.
  • require a $61.50 annual fee, $35 of that fee is allocated in part to the plate’s beneficiary.
  • can be personalized between three and five characters.
Agriculture Specialty Plate


  • Proceeds Benefit: Agriculture education and awareness programs of the Department of Agriculture.
Appalachian Trail Specialty Plate

Appalachian Trail

  • Proceeds Benefit: The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s management of programs and activities for portions of the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee or near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.
Civil War Specialty Plate

Civil War

  • Proceeds Benefit: The Civil War Preservation to preserve and interpret Tennessee Civil War battlefields and plan and implement Tennessee’s Civil War sesquicentennial commemoration and activities.
Environment/State Parks Specialty Plate

Environment/State Parks

  • Proceeds Benefit: Tennessee State Parks’ efforts to plant and care for native trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.
Friends of Radnor Lake Specialty Plate

Friends of Radnor Lake

  • Proceeds Benefit: The Friends of Radnor Lake’s efforts to protect, preserve and promote the natural integrity of Radnor Lake.
Friends of the Smokies Specialty Plate

Friends of the Smokies

  • Proceeds Benefit: National Park Service’s care of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Friends of Sycamore Shoals Historic Area, Inc Specialty Plate

Friends of Sycamore Shoals Historic Area, Inc.

  • Proceeds Benefit: The Sycamore Shoals State park in Elizabethton, Tennessee including, but not limited to, assisting in the development, maintenance, and presentation of the park’s grounds and structures.
Harpeth River Watershed Association

Protecting Rivers and Clean Water

  • Proceeds Benefit:  Restoring and protecting the ecological health of the Harpeth River and clean water in Tennessee.
Historic Franklin Specialty Plate

Historic Franklin

  • Proceeds Benefit: Franklin Tomorrow Inc.’s community-wide effort to create and implement a shared vision for the future of Franklin, Tenn.
Watchable Wildlife Specialty Plate

Watchable Wildlife

  • Proceeds Benefit: Watchable Wildlife Endowment Fund to preserve non-game and endangered wildlife species.