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Make a Change to an Existing Business

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Change Your Address

Click here to update your business address online.

Change the Business Ownership

Changes in business ownership cannot be made online. You must notify the Department of Revenue if the business ownership changes in any manner. This change could be selling or closing the business, adding or changing partners, transferring or changing the ownership of the business, or changing corporate structure requiring a new charter or certificate of authority. If any of the changes mentioned should occur, please call the Department of Revenue at:

Statewide toll-free: (800) 342-1003
Nashville-area and out-of-state: (615) 253-0600
Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Close An Account

Although accounts cannot be closed online, most account closures can be handled over the phone with a representative of the Department of Revenue. For more information about closing your account, click here.