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Non-TNTAP Electronic Filing

Tennessee law allows the Department of Revenue to require certain taxes be filed and paid electronically. Click on the tax type below learn more about the electronic filing requirements for each tax and to visit the associated tax filing portal.

Business Tax

All business tax returns must be filed and paid electronically. Your electronic payment can be easily submitted with your return using the business tax online filing application.

Exceptions: Only current period returns with due dates on or after January 15, 2015 can be filed using the business tax online filing application. To file a transitional or prior period, please file using a paper tax return. Paper returns can be found here.

If you are filing business tax for the first time, please view the instructions below to set up a TN.Gov user name and password.

Business Tax Online Filing  >

For information about business tax batch filing, click here.

Franchise & Excise Tax

For information regarding electronic filing requirements for franchise & excise tax, please view the electronic filing requirements page.

Franchise & Excise Online Filing  >

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Hall Income Tax

For information regarding electronic filing requirements for Hall income tax, please view the electronic filing requirements page.

The Hall income tax filing portal can be used to quickly and easily complete the following:

  • File a Hall income tax return (INC 250)
  • Make an estimated tax payment
  • Make a payment for an e-filed annual tax return
  • Request an extension for filing taxes


Hall Income Tax Online Filing  >

IFTA & IRP Online Filing

Where to File

There is an electronic filing system in place for processing of IRP applications and filing IFTA quarterly tax returns. 

IFTA & IRP Online Filing  >

This service is available for free, and it will automatically perform all calculations based on data entered.

Establishing an Account

In order to establish an electronic filing account the following information should be emailed to DGIFTA/ :

  • IRP/IFTA Account Name
  • IRP Account Number
  • IFTA Account Number
  • Name of person(s) keying transactions
  • Contact person(s) telephone number
  • Contact person(s) e-mail address


Once an e-file account is established, you will no longer receive International Registration Plan renewal applications and the International Fuel Tax Agreement quarterly tax returns in the mail. If filing electronically creates a hardship, please submit written notification to the Motor Carrier Section in order to make other arrangements. You can find contact information for Motor Carrier on the Contact Us page of this website.

IRP schedules and invoices may be printed from the system, and you can mail your payment along with required documents that are specified on our checklist. IFTA quarterly tax returns may also be printed from the system, and you can send your payment along with your return. All returns, tax information, and tax administration information is kept confidential.

Motor Fuels Electronic Filing Information

Online Filing

Tennessee Motor Fuels Online Filing  >

Electronic Filing Guides

For sales and use, consumer use, professional privilege, television and telecommunications sales tax, tobacco, or liquor-by-the-drink taxes please visit TNTAP to file and pay. Tax types not listed on this page are not available to be filed electronically. Visit our taxes pages for information about filing for these tax types.