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Rebuilt Vehicles

Converting a Salvage Certificate to a Rebuilt Title

There is a $75 fee charged for the conversion from a Salvage Certificate of Title to a branded Tennessee title. Click here for the Application for Motor Vehicle Identification Certification.

Once the vehicle has been rebuilt, send a Salvage Certificate of Title along with a signed Application for Motor Vehicle Identification Certification, colored photographs of the vehicle in its wrecked condition, receipts for all parts replaced, and $75 fee to the Special Investigations, Anti-theft Unit.

Notice - October 10, 2012, the NHTSA issued the following Safety Advisory: Alerting Consumers to Dangers of Counterfeit Airbags. To read the related article, go to

Denied for Receipts

All receipts for parts used in the rebuilding process that are taken from another vehicle must indicate the buyer and seller's complete name and mailing address as well as the year, make, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle from which the parts were removed.

If new parts were purchased, the invoice must indicate that the parts were new.

If the parts come from an 'in house' supply, a copy of the front and back of the title proving ownership is required.

Inspecting a Rebuilt Vehicle

There is consistently a large volume of vehicles that require inspection prior to issuance of a title. The inspection process is thorough and very detailed work. The inspections are designed to prevent fraud and protect all involved parties.

Completion of Rebuilt Vehicle Process

If everything is in order, the salvage certificate will be stamped as certified and returned to you with all submitted materials, except photographs. Take all the documents to your local county clerk for issuance of title and registration.