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Specialty License Plates and Placards for Disabled Individuals

Tennessee resident drivers or passengers who are confined to a wheelchair, able to walk only with difficulty or uncertainty, or who have vision of not more than 20/200 with corrective lenses may qualify for special disabled driver or passenger license plates or disabled placards.

Disabled drivers may apply for license plates or placards. Disabled passengers may apply only for placards. Additionally, any owner or lessee of a motor vehicle who is the parent or legal guardian of a person who is permanently disabled and who is incapable of operating a motor vehicle qualifies for a disabled person license plate.

An agency transporting disabled clients may be issued a disabled placard for the sole purpose of transporting disabled clients. The number of placards issued to the agency may not exceed the number of vehicles owned and operated for the purpose of transporting disabled clients.

Temporary disabled person placards are also available for those with a temporary disabling condition for the estimated duration of the condition up to a maximum of six months. The temporary placard may be re-issued one time.

For more information concerning laws relating to disabled plates and placards, click here.

Placards are issued personally to the disabled driver or passenger and may be used on any vehicle in which they are riding or driving.

Disabled Driver
Disabled Driver
Disabled Driver - Personalized
Disabled Driver - Personalized
Temporary Placard
Temporary Disability Placard
Permanent Placard
Permanent Disability Placard
Disabled Decal
Disabled Driver Decal (No Fee)

Annual Fees - $21.50 - annually for disabled plate; $21.50 - permanent disabled placard (expires every two years and has a $3 renewal fee) $10.00 temporary disabled placard ; $2 - replacement fee for lost placard. Free plate or placard if applicant is permanently confined to a wheelchair or if placard is issued at the time plate is purchased. Free placard for person who qualifies for issuance of a distinguishing license plate or has a vehicle registered in their name. Free disabled driver decal for persons who wish to have specialty plates instead of a disabled plate or placard. 

The Disabled Person Placard Application Form (PDF) must be completed by a medical doctor licensed to practice medicine, a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner acting in conjunction with a written protocol developed jointly by a physician, or a Christian Science Practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal.  This is not required when renewing a permanent placard.  Application forms are also available at the county clerk's office.

For office use only: Class Code - 1010 (Disabled Driver); 1011 (Disabled Driver - No charge, confined to a wheelchair); 5108 (Motorcycle Disabled); 5109 (Motorcycle Disabled - No charge); if personalized - 2005 (Disabled Driver); 2007 (Disabled Driver, confined to a wheelchair); 1020 (Disabled Driver Decal)

Disabled VeteranDisabled Veteran - Disabled Veteran plates are available to Tennessee residents who are veterans of the United States military and are entitled to compensation under the laws administered by the Veteran's Administration; due to disability incurred in or aggravated by active military services of the United States (Tenn. Code Ann. 55-4-237).

The application for title and registration should be accompanied by an approval letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs stating a disability of the following:

  • Loss or permanent loss of use of one (1) or both feet
  • Loss or permanent loss of use of one (1) or both hands
  • Permanent impairment of vision of both eyes as enumerated by statute
  • Service connected disability which is determined by the Veterans Administration to constitute 100% permanent total disability.

Disabled VeteranThere is no annual fee for one disabled veteran plate (automobile or motorcycle). Additional plates may be obtained. The initial fee for the second automobile plate is $23.63 and $21.50 for renewal.  Subsequent automobile plates are $25.75 and $21.50 for renewal. Additional motorcycle plates are $18.75 for the initial issuance and $14.50 for renewal.  This plate cannot be personalized.

Note: Disabled veteran plates with the wheelchair emblem are the only plates that entitle the veteran to park in disabled areas. If an applicant chooses to have a plate without the emblem they would be relinquishing disabled parking privileges.

For office use only: Class Code - 3080 (Disabled Veteran , no wheelchair); 3070 (Disabled Veteran with wheelchair, no fee); 3071 (Disabled Veteran with wheelchair, with fee); 5506 (motorcycle, no wheelchair); 5504 (motorcycle with wheelchair, no fee); 5505 (motorcycle with wheelchair, with fee)

Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired - This plate is Tennessee residents with a hearing disability registering a private passenger motor vehicle.

The annual fee is $21.50 and the plate can not be personalized.

This plate can not be used in any commercial venture. The plate number assigned in sequence with alpha characters being TTY. An application must be accompanied with a doctor's statement indicating applicant is deaf. A hearing impaired placard, personal to the driver, is also available. This placard is issued by the Vehicle Services Division. One placard is provided free, the second issued for $5.

For office use only: Class Code - 1012