Tennessee State Board of Education Congratulates Teacher and School Leaders on Incredible NAEP Gains

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | 3:18pm

Dr. Sara Heyburn, executive director of the State Board of Education, today congratulated the state's teachers, principals, students, parents, and other educators for the extraordinary gains that Tennessee has achieved over the past four years in student achievement, as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), which compares student performance of all 50 states and the District of Columbia in math and reading in the 4th and 8th grades.

"Today's release of the 'Nation's Report Card' shows Tennessee is clearly on the right track in creating an environment for student success with our focus on high expectations, rigorous standards, fewer, but better assessments, and more transparency and accountability for teachers in measuring our success," Heyburn said. "On behalf of the State Board, we want to applaud and congratulate the dedicated effort and hard work taking place in classrooms all across our state to help move us forward in such a significant way."

Heyburn pointed to the dramatic gains that Tennessee has seen when compared to other states in math and reading in just the past four years on NAEP.  Since 2011, Tennessee students have moved from:

  • -- 46th in the nation to 25th in 4th grade math;
  • -- 45th in the nation to 37th in 8th grade math;
  • -- 41st in the nation to 36th in 4th grade reading;
  • -- 41st in the nation to 30th in 8th grade reading.

These results have made Tennessee the fastest improving state in the nation in student achievement since 2011.  The dramatic jump in 4th grade math moves Tennessee into the top half of the nation for the first time in any subject.

"We know we have much more we need to do to ensure we continue this momentum. From recent TCAP results and today's NAEP results, the need to zero in on new strategies and approaches in reading and early literacy is clear," Heyburn said. "At the same time, the State Board joins the celebration and salutes the hard work and commitment to high standards and excellent instruction across our state that has helped create these incredible gains in such a short period of time."


For more information, contact McKenzie Manning at McKenzie.Manning@tn.gov