Real Estate Process Improvement

Real Estate Process Improvement (REPI) is an initiative to improve the management of the state’s real estate portfolio by exploring opportunities to lower contracting costs through streamlining real estate processes related to construction, demolition, leasing, acquisition and other property management activities.

The state can explore opportunities in current real estate processes by:

  • Removing reworking, analyzing workflow and eliminating redundancies.
  • Increasing training and education around real estate policies and processes.
  • Providing clarity on statutes, policies, and procedures.
  • Creating and implementing reporting tools to increase awareness of project status and execution accountability.

The state will review real estate processes and research best practices to help identify continuing improvement opportunities.
This initiative will result in lower costs that can allow resources to be redirected to other programs and services, while lowering the overall cost of government and improving resource management.

The Need for Transformation

  • All state government agencies have a responsibility to the 6.5 million Tennesseans we serve to make sure we’re providing the best service at the lowest possible cost.
  • Real estate management is one of the state’s largest budget expenditure categories following health care, human service, transportation and education programs.
  • Reducing beginning to end process time for real estate transactions can get them concluded in a timelier manner, lower project costs, and making it easier to do business in Tennessee which is good for our economy.