Strategies for Efficiency in Real Estate Management

The State of Tennessee's Strategies for Efficiency in Real Estate Management (SEREM) is an initiative to improve the management of the state's real estate portfolio. Together, these improvements will provide operating cost savings that can be redirected in services or programs for Tennesseans, while lowering the overall cost of government and improving our services.

Four strategies have the greatest potential for real estate portfolio improvements:


Energy Management (EmPower TN): Reduce energy costs by improving energy efficiency in state facilities.


Alternative Workplace Solutions: Increase workforce productivity while reducing our real estate needs and costs.


Real Estate Process Improvement: Streamline real estate processes related to leasing, acquisition and other property management activities and lower contracting costs.


Facilities Management: Lower costs and improve services to state facilities through commercial management performance contracting.


The Need for Transformation

All state government agencies have a responsibility to the 6.5 million Tennesseans we serve to make sure we’re providing the best service at the lowest possible cost.

Real estate management is one of the state’s largest budget expenditure categories following Health Care, Human Service, Transportation and Education.

SEREM was established with the mission of providing guidance and management for successful execution of high-level strategies for efficient real estate management.

Each initiative is led by an industry expert, and improvements are executed while developing business justification for specific project opportunities. Achieving cost saving opportunities through SEREM strategies has the least impact to services for Tennesseans and the state workforce.

SEREM Value for Tennesseans

  • Lower the cost of the state’s operations creating savings for Tennesseans
  • Increase employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.
  • Increase business agility and change management strategies.
  • Create cultures ready to adapt to the changing nature of work and the needs of the business.