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FAQs for Charitable Giving

1. Why is researching a charity important?

Exploring the structure and history of a charity before donating can help to Prevent fraud and provide accurate information regarding that charity’s legitimacy.

2. Where am I able to find information about charities?

Many charitable organizations have informative websites or other literature regarding their activities; however, many simply do not.  The office of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming provides a large database consisting of all registered charities that solicit within the state.  Although one may want to know more detailed information than this division can provide, our database can be utilized as the first step in finding contact information for a charity in order to begin further research.

3. What information does this division make public?

In addition to general contact and governing information, detailed financial data is included with a charity’s registration.  A breakdown of a charity’s revenues and expenses accompany any other changes to the balance sheet and income statements.

4. If I am unable to find a charity on the site’s database why might that be?

Not all organizations are required to register with this division, of which include: Religious, Educational, and Civic Organizations, and any charity that has less than $30,000 of annual gross revenue.

5. How up-to-date is the site’s database?

Charities are required to register with the division and to renew that registration yearly.  Therefore, all information is extremely up-to-date, with the listed financial data being for the most recent fiscal year.