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Burst Icon Note: Beginning July 2, 2009, all filings included in the Tennessee Administrative Register will be published and archived according to Public Chapter 566. This law provides that proposed rules, rulemaking hearing rules, and rulemaking hearing notices be published online within 5 business days of filing. Emergency rules must be posted in 2 business days. Public necessity rules will now be filed as emergency rules. We will no longer organize filings by month. Current Filings can be accessed through the links below and past filings through the Archives section.


The Tennessee Administrative Web site is a register of filings pursuant to the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act and is an official publication compiled and published electronically by the Secretary of State pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, title 4 Chapter 5.  The Web site contains the following: announcements, emergency rules, proposed rules, public necessity rules, rulemaking hearing rules, notices of rulemaking hearing, notices of hearing to solicit comments, and wildlife proclamations.  Emergency rules will be posted within 2 working days, all other filings received by the Secretary of State will be on the web site within 5 working days after acceptance by the Secretary of State. View glossary of T.A.R. filings.

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