Tennessee Compilation of Laws on Children, Youth and Families

The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY) has funded printing of the Tennessee Compilation of Selected Laws on Children, Youth and Families for many years using residual (allocated but unexpended) federal juvenile justice grant dollars from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Since 2000, Congress has severely reduced or eliminated funding for OJJDP grants so residual funding is no longer available to pay for printing the Compilation.

This document (/assets/entities/tccy/attachments/TNchild2017.pdf) contains information on legislation enacted in the 2017 Regular Session of the Tennessee General Assembly amending Tennessee Code Annotated Titles 36 and Title 37. While the Compilation contains other titles, these two are among the most used and are areas where TCCY could reasonably identify changes. The information contained in the document includes a summary of the bill as filed, a summary of any amendments to the bill, and the Public Chapter number.

The 2016 pdf of the compilation of laws in the Tennessee Code Annotated is distributed by TCCY regional coordinators and is available on the Internet. If you have a copy of the Tennessee Compilation of Selected Laws on Children, Youth and Families you should contact the coordinator for your region and request the 2016 Special Supplement, or you may download the Special Supplement at www.tn.gov/tccy/attachment/tccy-leg-tnchild-SS.pdf. This supplement should be consulted before referring to any law in the 2016 edition of the compilation. However, it lists

  • Title 36, Domestic Relations. Chapter 1, Adoption, 36-1-116;
  • Title 37, Juveniles, Chapter 1, Juvenile Courts and Proceedings, 37-1-125;
  • Title 49, Education, Chapter 1, State Administration, 49-1-207;
  • Title 55, Motor and Other Vehicles, Chapter 10, Accidents, Arrests, Crimes and Penalties, 55-10-415.

You may also want to search the Tennessee law pages of unannotated laws at the Lexis Publishing site.

Each year copies of the compilation are distributed to courts, etc., and members of the TCCY regional councils on children and youth and others. Additional hard copies of the book may be purchased by contacting Lexis Publishing at (800) 542-0957 or by fax at (800) 643-1280.