Excess Land FAQs

What is excess land?
Excess land is state-owned real property that is declared surplus because the purpose of its acquisition has been completed and the property is no longer needed by the Department of Transportation.
How do I initiate a request to purchase state-owned real property?
You should contact the coordinator responsible for the region in which the property is located. He or she will walk you through the necessary steps to proceed and provide you with the application and a copy of the State law pertaining to excess land.
How long does the process typically take for a sale?
It is the goal of the Excess Land Office to have a fully executed deed mailed to the requestor within nine months of the committee’s recommendation.
What is an appraisal?
This is a report, prepared and reviewed by certified licensed staff or fee appraisers, that assigns a dollar value to the property. The determined dollar value is also referred to as the fair market value (FMV).
What is an environmental document and why do we need one?
An environmental document is a report that evaluates the social and environmental effects of the prospective disposal of surplus property. According to federal law, any action in which federal funds were involved requires an environmental evaluation and approval of the action.
How often does the Excess Land Committee meet to consider excess land requests?
The Excess Land Committee is scheduled to meet on every odd numbered month.