Work Zone Awareness Week

National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is an annual spring campaign, held at the start of construction season to encourage safe driving through highway work zones across the country. The key message is for drivers to use extra caution in work zones.

The national observance is coordinated through Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), in partnership with state Departments of Transportation.

Each year, NWZAW has a new theme and kickoff event in a host state. In addition to the national event, each state hosts their own events.


National Work Zone Awareness Week 2017 is April 3-7 with the theme "Work Zone Safety is in Your Hands." The national kickoff event will be hosted by the State of Maryland on Tuesday, April 4, at Georgia Avenue/Randolph Road interchange, Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Md.

Go Orange Day 2017 is Wednesday, April 5. All roadway safety professionals across the country are encouraged to wear orange to proudly show their support of work zone safety.


TDOT will observe NWZAW 2017* with several regional events including Go Orange Day.

Pictures and videos of state events will be posted here. You can also check out TDOT on social media!


Regional Barrel Display

TDOT is divided into four regions (Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis) covering east, middle, and west Tennessee. During NWZAW, each region sets up a barrel display along a highly-traveled route, with each barrel representing a TDOT worker killed in the line of duty. In 2017, there are 112 barrels in each display.

Region 1 (Knoxville) NWZAW message board   Region 1 (Knoxville) NWZAW barrel display
                      Region 1 (Knoxville) NWZAW Barrel Display

Region 2 (Chattanooga) NWZAW barrel display
                       Region 2 (Chattanooga) NWZAW Barrel Display

Region 4 (Memphis) NWZAW barrel display
                        Region 4 (Memphis) NWZAW Barrel Display

Creature Contest

Region 3 is based in Nashville but includes 26 middle Tennessee counties. For the second year, Region 3 district offices were encouraged to participate in a Creature Contest for NWZAW. The task is for each office to construct a “creature” using materials that are either past their useful life or will be re-used. The contest is a team-building exercise that allows workers to have an active role in NWZAW by helping raise awareness for work zone safety.

  • Belfast NWZAW creature
  • Clarksville NWZAW creature
  • Floating NWZAW creature
  • Gallatin NWZAW creature
  • Lawrenceburg NWZAW creature
  • McEwen NWZAW creature
  • Nashville NWZAW creature










*In 2017, TDOT is asking motorists to "Work with Us." NWZAW events will be focused on this initiative, with limited use of the national theme. To learn more about the ongoing safety campaign, click on "Work with Us" on the menu to the left.