Tennessee 511 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dial 511 from anywhere in Tennessee?

Yes, Tennessee 511 information is available statewide.

Can I access Tennessee 511 if I’m out of state?

Yes, you can call the Tennessee 511 system from anywhere in the U.S. by dialing toll-free 1-877-244-0065.

What does it cost to call 511?

If dialing from a landline phone, there is no charge for calling 511. If dialing from a cell phone, normal airtime and roaming charges would apply according to the terms of your wireless contract.

What information does Tennessee 511 provide?

The Tennessee 511 system provides accurate, up-to-date information about statewide traffic congestion and incidents, weather conditions, and road construction on interstate highways, state routes and U.S. routes in Tennessee. The enhanced system provides transit, tourist and airport information. From the Tennessee 511 phone service, callers can request road conditions and closures for specific routes. From the www.TN511.com web page, users have access to the statewide road conditions map, as well as the TDOT SmartWay cameras in the metropolitan areas of Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville.

How do I use the Tennessee 511 system?

The Tennessee 511 phone system uses voice-activated technology and touch-tone technology.

  • When you dial 511, the system will greet you and present a menu of options.
  • You can say your request at any time and even interrupt when the system is talking. If you would prefer to use touch-tones, you can hit "0" at any time to get a list of available options.
  • State (or press if in touch-tone mode) what information you’d like. Menu items include: traffic conditions, weather forecasts, rest areas, public transportation, airports, tourism, another 511 system or leave a comment.
  • Hang up when you have the information you need or you can select another menu item by saying that menu item.
I called 511 in Tennessee from my mobile phone, but I got a neighboring state’s system. What happened?

There are some locations where wireless networks overlap near the state borders. Unlike landline phone networks, which correspond to some very specific geographic boundaries, wireless systems have a different set up. TDOT has coordinated with the major national wireless companies to try to minimize the overlap into nearby states, but it is not 100% effective in all locations. To help address this overlap, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky have agreed to transfer callers to each other’s 511 system. There are “Other State” menu options on each state’s system which will transfer callers to the system they request.

How is Tennessee 511 information updated?

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) provide the 511 system with current information. The 511 service is updated every 5 minutes.

What area does the Tennessee 511 service cover?

Tennessee 511 is a statewide service, covering all regions of the state and their interstate highways and major routes.

Is TDD-TTY service available for Tennessee 511?

Hearing-impaired callers can dial 711, and ask the operator to connect them to 511. You can also get the information provided on 511 online at www.TN511.com.

Who provides the 511 and www.TN511.com service?

Tennessee 511 phone system and www.TN511.com online are provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) as a public service to residents and travelers in Tennessee. Making travelers aware of road conditions—particularly hazardous conditions or major construction activities—makes travel safer for everyone. Travelers can find out about their routes before they leave on a trip, whether it’s going across town or going across the state.

I see the TDOT SmartWay cameras on the web and on my local news. How does the information from Tennessee 511 differ from SmartWay?

The information on www.TN511.com is the same TDOT SmartWay information that people have been able to access for the last couple of years on TDOT’s web page. 511 serves as the phone interface to provide statewide travel information, as well as the TDOT SmartWay metro area road and traffic conditions. TDOT has implemented the www.TN511.com web address to make it easy for travelers to remember that information is available with Tennessee 511 either by phone or web.