Office of Public Transportation

Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Office of Public Transportation, is responsible for transit planning, as well as the administration of capital and operating assistance in both urbanized and non-urbanized areas. TDOT also proudly sponsors transit programs and transit-related activities throughout the state of Tennessee, such as offering capital assistance for the Section 5310 Program, which provides transportation services to the elderly and individuals with disabilities. At Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, TDOT facilitates education opportunities through a transit internship at the Transit Training Center. This student internship program exposes students to the expanding landscape of transportation careers and specialty areas throughout the state.

Through the promotion of efficient transit systems and coordination of all available resources, TDOT Office of Public Transportation seeks to maximize the customer service potential of all agencies offering transit services to residents of Tennessee. TDOT remains committed to a high standard of excellence and dependability in the provision of research and technical assistance in all aspects of public transportation.

If you are a public transit agency or member thereof wishing to submit requisite document Public Transportation

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Tennessee State Management Plan (pdf)
TDOT and Office of Public Transportation Grantee Handbook (pdf)


Grant Program and Award Information

Click here for a list and brief description of Federal grant programs administered by Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Useful Links for TDOT Grantees:
5310 Program Application (pdf)
5310 Application Instructions (pdf)
5310 Fact Sheet (pdf)
Vehicle Floor Plans (pdf)
Vehicle Replacement Inventory (pdf)
Vehicle Replacement Inventory (Excel)

Federal Resources:
Federal Transit Administration
FTA Certifications and Assurances
FTA Master Agreement (pdf)
FTA Circulars
Federal Financial Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)
Davis-Bacon Reporting Form (WH-347)
A-133 (pdf)
A-87 (pdf)

State Resources:
Policy 8: Comprehensive Travel Regulations (pdf)
Policy 3: Uniform Reporting Requirements for Subrecipients (pdf)
Policy 2013-007 (Department of General Services Policy on grant and subrecipient monitoring replaces F&A Policy 22) (pdf)
Accounting and Financial Requirements for Nonprofits (pdf)
Internal Control and Compliance Manual for Tennessee Municipalities (pdf)

Compliance Documents:
Certification of Equivalent Service (pdf)
Sample Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Plan (pdf)
Signatory Authority Form (pdf)
Vehicle Accident Reporting Form (pdf)