Environmental Division Staff

James K. Polk Building, Suite 900
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.741.3655

Susannah Kniazewycz, P.E.
Environmental Division Director
Phone: 615.741.5373
Email: Susannah.Kniazewycz@tn.gov

Carma Smith
Assistant Director
Phone: 615.253.2441
Email: Carma.H.Smith@tn.gov
Tammy Sellers
Assistant Director

Phone: 615.741.5367
Email: Tammy.Sellers@tn.gov

Major Projects Office
Holly Cantrell
Office Manager
Phone: 615.532.5869
Email: Holly.Cantrell@tn.gov
Highway Beautification Office
Shawn A. Bible
Office Manager
Phone: 615.532.3488
Email: Shawn.A.Bible@tn.gov
Latonja Coates
Outdoor Advertising, Vegetation and Junkyard Control Program Manager
Phone: 615.532.3459
Email: Latonja.Coates@tn.gov
Michael McClanahan
Scenic Byways and Litter Grant Program Manager
Phone: 615.741.0803
Email: Michael.McClanahan@tn.gov
Environmental Compliance Office
Sharon Schutz, P.E., CPESC, CPSWQ
Office Manager
Phone: 615.253.1641
Email: Sharon.Schutz.@tn.gov
Barry Brown, P.E.
Environmental Facilities Services Section Manager
Phone: 615.741.4732
Email: Barry.Brown@tn.gov
Gregory Russell
Environmental Inspection Services Section Manager
Phone: 423.510.1220
Email: Gregory.Russell@tn.gov
Ecology & Permits Office
John Hewitt, P.E.
Office Manager
Phone: 615.253.2477
Email: John.Hewitt@tn.gov
DJ Wiseman, P.E.
Environmental Permits Section Manager
Phone: 615.532.4554
Email: DJ.Wiseman@tn.gov
B. Matt Richards
Ecology Section Manager
Phone: 615.532.3880
Email: B.M.Richards@tn.gov
Environmental Analysis Office
Klint Rommel
Office Manager
Phone: 615.253.2419
Email: Klint.Rommel@tn.gov
NEPA Section Manager
Phillip Hodge
Archaeology Section Manager
Phone: 615.741.0977
Email: Phillip.Hodge@tn.gov
Historic Preservation Section Manager
Kyle Kirschenmann, PG
Hazardous Materials Section Manager
Phone: 615.532.8684
Email: Kyle.Kirschenmann@tn.gov
Environmental Mitigation Office
Ben Brown
Mitigation Manager
Phone: 615.253.2474
Business Services Office
Mike Cook
Office Manager
Phone: 615.253.9917
Email: Mike.Cook@tn.gov