Interstate 440

Davidson County


The proposed project for Interstate 440, from Interstate 40 to Interstate 24 in Davidson County, includes removing substandard pavement and widening portions of the 7.6-mile corridor to provide three travel lanes in each direction. The project is intended to address congestion and improve safety.

Purpose and Need

I-440 dedication ceremony (1987)Originally known as Four-Forty Parkway, I-440 was designed and constructed in the 1980s as an east-to-west southern loop around the city of Nashville to address urban congestion created by a trucking industry boom. Upon completion of the roadway in 1987, it was considered a limited-access highway, linking I-40 west of the city with I-65 and I-24 south of the city. The four-lane facility was built to accommodate up to 64,000 vehicles per day.

Today, traffic counts along the interstate connector average 100,000 vehicles per day. Much of the existing concrete road surface is in substandard condition and needs to be removed. An extensive pavement replacement project is needed to repair the facility. The proposed improvements will also increase capacity and improve safety along the corridor.aerial view of I-440 at I-65 during afternoon rush hour (2015)


The proposed design calls for replacement of the deteriorated concrete pavement with asphalt and removal of the grassy elevated median to provide a facility with at least six lanes (three lanes in each direction) throughout the corridor.

In an effort to expedite project delivery, the I-440 construction will be completed under a Design-Build contract. The Design-Build project delivery method combines all or some portions of the design and construction phases of a project - including design, regulatory permit approvals, utility relocation, and construction – into a single contract.

For information on the project schedule, visit the Timeline section of this project.