State Route 1 Interchange at State Route 10/96

Rutherford County


Construction at the intersection of State Route 1 (Broad Street) and State Route 10/96 (Memorial Boulevard/Old Fort Parkway) began in January 2014. The $17.6 million project will separate the intersection by creating a single point urban interchange. This separation calls for a new bridge on Memorial Blvd, which will create an overpass over Broad Street. There are also plans for enhanced lighting, landscaping, and aesthetic treatment of retaining walls. Other improvements to Broad Street, Memorial Blvd, and Old Fort Pkwy include sidewalks and curb and gutter.

The new interchange is desperately needed to relieve extreme congestion at this intersection. The Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) identifies this intersection as the most congested in Murfreesboro. The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on Old Fort Pkwy/Memorial Blvd is 27,240. The ADT on Broad Street is 31,420. This means nearly 60,000 vehicles pass through this entire intersection every day. By 2034, the ADT is projected to be 72,740.

Construction is estimated to be completed in December 2017.

Why? One of the busiest intersections in the state!

State Route 1 (Broad Street)

  • 2014 - Average Daily Traffic (ADT) – 31,420 vehicles per year
  • 2034 - Projected Average Daily Traffic – 38,960 vehicles per year

State Route 10 (Memorial Boulevard) and State Route 96 (Old Fort Parkway)

  • 2014 - Average Daily Traffic (ADT) - 27,240 vehicles per year
  • 2034 - Projected Average Daily Traffic – 33,780 vehicles per year
  • Total 2014 Intersection ADT – 58,660