Export Workshops


The Tennessee Regional Export Network (TREN) empowers, educates and elevates Tennessee-based companies to improve their export acumen, expand to new markets, create jobs, and increase revenue.

The TREN develops and promotes more than 30 workshops each year which are held throughout the state. Topics include export compliance, market analysis, trade financing and security. The workshops range from the beginner's Export 101 for companies wanting to better understand the mechanisms of international trade, to ExporTech three-day seminars for experts-in-export.

The TREN is a collaboration of TNECD, Tennessee Small Business Development Center-International Trade Center, University of Tennessee–Center for Industrial Service, chambers of commerce, United States Commercial Services, as well as other governmental or non-governmental entities with a focus on the promotion of international trade. The TREN is based at TNECD with export specialists located across the state.

Key Performance Indicator: Assist in the development and promotion of 30 export workshops during 2017