Tennessee Entertainment Commission Production Projects


The Tennessee Entertainment Commission (TEC) promotes and facilitates economic development of the film and music community through the recruitment of business to Tennessee. In addition, TEC promotes Tennessee as a location, builds infrastructure and supports the growth of the state’s film and music community. The TEC Production Incentive offers a twenty-five percent (25%) grant on Qualified Tennessee Expenditures to production companies filming within Tennessee. In addition, TEC assists hundreds of other production projects across Tennessee each year. Projects that do not qualify for production incentives may still receive location, workforce, permitting, intergovernmental liaison services and other assistance from the state.

Key Performance Indicators: 

  • Assist 250 production projects during 2017
  • These productions are projected to hire 2,187 Tennesseans for cast and crew positions, generate $12 million in purchases of Tennessee goods and services, and create 1,512 production days in Tennessee