Asset-Based Planning


As a result of recommendations from the Rural Task Force listening sessions, TNECD launched a target initiative to address the needs in Tennessee’s distressed counties. Through a partnership with the University of Tennessee's Institute of Public Service, this initiative helps distressed communities develop an asset-based plan consisting of two to five short-term goals, to maximize their local assets to drive economic development. TNECD is committed to assisting each community with completing these goals through the launch of Asset Enhancement Grants, existing TNECD programs, and collaboration with partners with a target of completing at least one goal per community. In 2017, TNECD expanded the program to include other Tier 3 and Tier 4 communities.

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Key Performance Indicators:

  • During 2017, the 23 counties which have developed an asset-based plan will achieve at least one of their plan’s goals
  • 23 new counties will develop an asset-based plan during 2017