Workforce Development Grant Assistance


In 2014, Governor Haslam created the Workforce Subcabinet, a collaboration of Commissioners dedicated to ensuring Tennessee has a ready workforce and thriving talent pipeline. Recognizing the inseparability of economic development, education, and workforce development, this collaboration guided the state’s investment in educational programs and infrastructure necessary to carry out the initiatives of Drive to 55 – the Drive to get 55% of Tennesseans equipped with a college degree or certificate by the year 2025.

Under the leadership of the Workforce Subcabinet, $20 million in Labor and Education Alignment Program (LEAP) funding and $24 million in Drive to 55 Capacity funds have been granted over the past 3 years. These commitments pave the way for hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans to access the education they deserve, providing opportunity for sustainable earnings and an improved quality of life Tennessee.

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