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Preservation Services

The mission of Preservation Services of TSLA as mandated by Tennessee Code Annotated is to preserve state and local records.  Since 1952 years Preservation Services has provided the basis of physical preservation of records as described in TCA 10-7-401 – 413.  TCA 10-7-413c specifically states that “Responsibility for providing trained staff and appropriate equipment necessary to produce and store microfilm reproductions of official, permanent value bound volume records created by the various county and municipal governments of the state is hereby vested in the state library and archives…” Today we are moving forward in every aspect to bring modern technology to the traditional preservation duties of TSLA.  Improved preservation provides increased access for these records for the citizens of Tennessee while preserving the originals. Essential tasks of this section include document preservation and microfilm production.


Internship/Volunteer Opportunities

Archival Preservation Training
Section: Preservation Services
Project Title: Archival Preservation Training
Intern Opportunity: To learn specific details of conservation, identifying types of historic media, its deterioration, and careful handling of archival records of all types.  To learn specifics of ways to stabilize the different archival materials with surface cleaning, proper mending techniques, deacidification, custom made housing for all types of books, photographs, oversize documents and many other techniques.  To learn the history of photographic techniques and styles of images based on proper preservation.
Time Commitment: This can be an internship project for one intern at a time over several-weeks preferably working a minimum of one day per week.  There are specific projects that can be directed to specific educational programs or class work that is dependent on specific number of hours, or just general well rounded volunteer to gain experience in conservation. Library, archival, and preservation educational programs are most welcome.
Examples of Technical Work
* Supreme Court records will always need cleaning and mending, now they need more extensive stabilization treatments as well with heavy use by staff and patrons.
* Maintenance issues: many archival collections and some of the photo collections need new folders or envelopes to be switched out for acid-free or more appropriate preservation storage.
* Glass plate negatives of all collections need cleaning and proper unique folders.
* Book repair of various levels of skill will be needed.  Boxes as well depending on skill set of volunteer.
Examples of Non-Technical Work
* Data entry into Access database of rolls of microfilm, resources related to the inventory of the negative microfilm collection.
* Review of some rolls of microfilm that need an index.
* County records mainly loose records that need a basic name index.

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