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About Us

The Administration

The role of the Administration is to provide leadership and overall direction that will enable the TSLA to meet its responsibilities to the people of Tennessee. The central administration of TSLA consists of the State Librarian and Archivist, an Assistant State Librarian and Archivist for Administration, an Assistant State Librarian for Planning and Development, and an Assistant State Archivist.

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, in cooperation with the Library of Congress, offers free reading materials (cassette tapes, long-play records, Braille books and magazines, and large print books) and other library services to visually and physically handicapped Tennesseans.

Planning and Development Section

The Planning and Development Section is responsible for the administration of the Library Services and Technology Act program as it applies to library services throughout the state. It administers contractual agreements with the Regional Library System and promotes public library development throughout Tennessee.

Preservation Services Section

The Preservation Services Section provides microfilming, document restoration and preservation, and photographic and photo duplication services for state government and the public.

Public Services Section

The Public Services Section is responsible for assisting researchers who wish to use the collections of the State Library and Archives. Trained staff assist visitors in the use of finding aids, including card and computer catalogs, computer databases, manuscripts registers, and inventories of microfilm and photographs. Approximately 300 people per day are assisted in person, by telephone, by mail or by e-mail. Genealogists, historians, lawyers, and state government employees are among those most often served.

Technical Services Section

The Technical Services Section acquires, processes, and catalogs material in the collections to assure its usability. Professional staff follow standard library and archival procedures to provide maximum accessibility to materials.